Anti-Inflamatory Food and Lifestyle Choices


Anti-Inflamatory Food and Lifestyle Choices


Teacher: Trish Manning

Cost: $12 pre-registration, $15 at the door

We need inflammation to survive. It is a normal response of our immune defense system when we are injured, have an acute infection etc. It’s the chronic, low-level inflammation “silent killer” that leads to chronic diseases - obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, allergies, digestive disorders etc. Do you know what your unique triggers/causes of inflammation are? Join me in this session to learn how to prevent and reduce inflammation and make food and lifestyle choices that are anti-inflammatory.

The presentation begins with a three-minute guided meditation, followed by the topic presentation. As a participant, you are encouraged to ask questions, share, and engage in discussion to get the most out of this opportunity. The session will close with a "Call to Action" - you will be encouraged to pick one thing, to do differently, from “Anti-Inflammatory Foods & Lifestyle Habits” handout, to begin your health journey, or, to add to other habits that are already a part of your healing journey.

Meet Trish:

I enjoyed a successful career as an RN in a variety of roles as a Critical and
Intensive Care Nurse, Nurse Manager, Clinical Educator, Director of Nursing, Electronic Medical Record Implementation and Director of Quality Improvement for a large physician organization. In my role as a Holistic Health Coach, I bring these skills, along with additional education, certification and experience in holistic health modalities including Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Energy of Life Process, and Meditation. My personal health journey over the past 6 years has been transformational. Let me guide and support you in this process of becoming a more vibrant, healthier you.

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