Creating Healthy Sleep Habits

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Creating Healthy Sleep Habits

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Teacher: Christine Brown of Bella Luna Sleep

Cost: Preregister now to secure your price at $50. Class is $60 at the door.

Come join Christine Brown, New Hampshire’s top sleep consultant, for a two-hour workshop to learn how to create healthy sleep habits for your children.  Christine owns and runs Bella Luna Sleep Consulting and raises twin boys in Nashua, NH.  Christine’s experience comes first hand from her twins, from her extensive training as a certified child sleep consultant and her years of helping hundreds of clients she has worked with locally, nationally and internationally.

Is bedtime always a battle at your house?  Is your little one still not sleeping through the night?  Are you held captive by the bedside nursing, rocking, or holding a hand every night? Are naps typically a disaster as well?

Come learn the techniques used by the experts at Bella Luna Sleep Consulting.  Christine will walk you through an easy to follow, interactive workshop, with you as a busy mom in mind.

For only $60 you will join her for a 2-Hour Workshop.  Focusing on the sleep of children ages 4 months to 2 years. This will also include a Q&A session so Christine can answer your specific questions.


Optimizing your child’s sleep environment to improve sleep

Designing a healthy sleepytime routine

Creating the ideal schedule for restorative naps and peaceful bedtimes

Putting a stop to early wakeups

Avoiding the overtired downward spiral

Providing insight into sleep regressions and tips to survive

Overcoming negative sleep associations

Reviewing all major sleep training techniques

Meet Christine:

Christine Brown is the founder and a certified child sleep consultant at Bella Luna Sleep Consulting, based in Nashua, NH.  Christine’s passion for sleep was born after the birth of her twin boys, Nicholas and Ryan, in 2014.  The boys taught their Daddy, Jeff (aka Sleep Daddy), and Mommy the true meaning of exhaustion, which fueled the desire to help families to be well rested.  Christine received her certification from the Family Sleep Institute in early 2016 and has worked with hundreds of families locally, nationally and internationally since launching Bella Luna Sleep.  When Christine isn’t “helping the babies sleep”, she’s going on adventures with her family; doing laundry; or enjoying a delicious meal, prosecco and laughs with friends.

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