Yoga For Every Body


Yoga For Every Body


Teacher: Christina Oliva

Cost: $10

A class designed for busy caretakers who are ready to find some time for self care. Whether you've never been on a mat or if you've taken a break from your practice, this class is designed to provide a fun, safe space where you can find your yoga and meet yourself where you are now with the intention of growing to a point where you'd be comfortable attending all-levels classes. Pre/postnatal friendly. Child care available for an additional fee.

When: Wednesdays 930-1030am

Fee: $10 for the class, $5 for child care for up to 2 kids, $7 for up to 3 kids 

Meet Christina:

I discovered yoga 20 years ago at age 13. My 84-year- old yoga teacher inspired me to look beyond the world of competitive sports for physical wellbeing. Yoga helped me tune into my mind-body connection, and made me a better athlete. Over time, I became drawn to yoga’s inward explorations. I found myself becoming a gentler person as I released judgment, attachment to things and the standard western concept of success.
When I developed an autoimmune disease six years ago, breath work, meditation, mindfulness and simple asana helped me alleviate pain, release fear and find balance, not to mention navigate the medical-industrial complex. Disease became a new teacher by physically humbling me and mentally, emotionally and spiritually challenging me to find joy and gratitude in each moment. Now a mother, my son is my new teacher.
To me, yoga is a practice of love and compassion for self, others and the planet. Yoga helps cultivate peace and fortitude. I became a 200-Hour RYT, because I wanted to share yoga with others. I seek to guide others to find well-being and inner harmony. I encourage my students to listen to their intuition, take one moment at a time and discover what works for their unique mind-bodies.

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