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Baby Journey

The Baby Journey

Teacher: Peggy Petategoose

Cost: $60 per couple/birth team

There is a journey that only women can take physically in this life. It requires two to become three or more. This is the journey of becoming a mother and child. In this time in history it is even possible to take this journey with only a gift from the male of our human species. The journey is pregnancy and delivery of a new bright Divine spark of life, your Beloved child.
Some women are blessed with loving and knowing Mothers, sisters, aunts. Others are not. This path is best traveled with only those with loving intentions for you and your child. There is so much information out in this vast world today that it is difficult to filter through and find the most
basic of information that is needed for a good start. During this Prenatal and Postnatal workshop we will find some of these offerings. Discussion of
why we practice yoga, what Grandmothers did not share with you about the process of pregnancy, labor,delivery and your Baby Moon time. Doulas, Midwife, Doctors so many choices. Home, Birth Center, Hospital? What do I pack??? Why it is important to start plans during pregnancy. .
Consider bringing your support team with you to this event so that they are in step with you all the way.

In Peace Love and Joy
Rev. Peggy Petahtegoose
Yoga with Peggy/RYT

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