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Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga

Teacher: Peggy Petahtegoose

Cost: $10

This class takes place every Saturday at 10:30am, unless listed otherwise on our calendar page.

Postnatal is a devotional form of yoga. A time for you to rest and rejuvenate on a deep level. You can begin this part right after you give birth by simply holding your divine child in your arms, listening to the breath and melting in the warmth of your close heartbeats, closing your eyes and resting. This will be enough until you are ready for a class setting.
Postnatal Yoga. A very gentle way of rebuilding all those muscles that brought your child and you through labor and delivery. For women 6 weeks after birth with no complications and cleared by your doctor. Postnatal is recommended for at least 6 months after starting before moving on to a regular yoga class. For C-section a minimum of 2 months after birth and cleared by your doctor prior to starting. Postnatal is recommended for a minimum of 6 months after starting the postnatal program before moving to a regular practice again. Rebuilding with compassion and gentleness for yourself. Practicing the dance of will and surrender by releasing that image of the pre-pregnancy body. Knitting together the birthing muscles, pelvic floor, abdominals. Taking care to include the upper body in postnatal support for nursing mothers. All movements are intentionally slow thoughtful. Restorative postures are part of this practice. You will be nurtured and cared for during this class. Here at the River Guild I offer a Postnatal program that allows you to bring your
Newborn to Crawler to class. This is not like any other class you may encounter. This is a supportive environment, when you child needs your breast for nursing you are encouraged to offer that gift of life. At times this may be a quiet peaceful class at others it might be a bit noisy with babies laughing crying or making all those heart melting sounds that they do. And we will rejoice in it all. Please bring your infants needs blankets, etc. you will not have to leave the classroom to do any care needs. There are many postures that you will include your child in if you wish or they may sleep blissfully by your mat. We will all learn to roll with the moments that are presented to us.


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