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Tarot Together

Tarot Together

Teacher: Megan Alexander

Cost: $20

This class needs a minimum of 5 participants and is limited to 10 people. Sign up now to secure your space and ensure that the program proceeds as planned.

We all have the power to take practical action to navigate our experience with greater ease. Tarot is a beautiful way to receive instructions and reassurance that we need to experience our lives with the understanding that the future is not fixed.

Let's join together to receive the wisdom of the present moment through honest, open hearted inquiry with the tarot.

In our time together, we will explore a reading pulled for the group that has gathered together, seeking what we most need to hear in order to align with the highest and best for all. There will also be time for clarifying cards drawn (if desired) for how our collective reading applies to each of us individually.

I offer tarot readings for the purpose of personal development and clarity. Quite a departure from the stereotype of being a tool for predicting the future, I see tarot as a mirror. When we find ourselves unable to gain enough distance from our experience to garner useful perspective, our faithful allies (who I refer to as guides) are capable of communicating to us through tarot. They reflect back to us what we are being invited to experience and for what purpose, which we may not be able to perceive on our own.

It's important to show up for a reading not only with a query, but with the willingness to receive what most needs to be heard. When we choose this as our intention, we open the door for divine communication. As I draw the cards and interpret what our guides want us to know, my intention is to provide the perspective the querent requires to invoke their own innate capability.



Meet Megan:

Megan has been in relationship with tarot for more than 20 years. She reads with the Haindl Tarot Deck, rich with complex imagery, the wisdom of many ancient traditions, and a deep reverence for feminine and earth intelligence. Megan is an empath, intuitive, and a lifelong student of all this world has to teach. She cannot wait to dive deeply with you if you feel a YES in your heart.

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