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Scan and Beam with June Elaine Evans

Scan and Beam with June Elaine Evans

Teacher: June Elaine Evans

Cost: $75 per hour

Scan and Beam is where June Elaine scans your body by hovering over it with her hands 6 inches, at the same time she uses her mediumship to connect with your guides or loved ones in Spirit who let her know any injuries you might have that need healing, including emotional issues, such as abandonment, anger and so on.
After the scan is done and June has validated with you that yes indeed you do have the issues she described, she then starts at the crown chakra to start healing and moves down the body to the areas needing healing.
June works with St Germain and the Violet Flame, Archangel Raphael and Jesus during these sessions.

June also welcome our beautiful Pleadians who might want some help with their wakening.

Walk in souls are also who June loves to help settle in to their new host/body. Also help heal them if needed.

Meet June:

June Elaine was taught how to communicate with the Spirit World by her husband Jerry who transitioned in 2010. They are a team and continue to work together to this day. It's an amazing combination as her testimonials show.

June Elaine is the author of the book LOVE AFTER LIFE birth of a medium

June is owner and operator of PDI Pet Detectives International, where lost and stolen animals are found all over the world!

Teaching people how to communicate with their loved ones, pets and guides in the Spirit World is a passion with June Elaine. So many people can benefit from this education that we ALL are capable of. It's just a matter of opening your heart and mind to the possibility that they are around you and trying to communicate with you.

NOTE: A portion of everything June makes goes to rescue shelters all over the United States. What June will make at the River Guild will go to a rescue shelter in Concord, NH.

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