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Sabotaging The Self

Sabatoging The Self

Teacher: Kimberly Deziree

Cost: $25

Kimberly Deziree is pleased to be offering her latest workshop to help you to understand that it is not You, but your mind that’s keeping you from reaching your full potential in life. This workshop will address why time and time again we find ourselves going after our Dreams and Desires only to fall short of the finish line feeling devastated when we don’t accomplish our goals and find ourselves asking “What’s wrong with Me?”. This workshop will leave you Empowered, knowing that you now have Solutions as to why your Mind has been Sabotaging You from Reaching Your Full Potential in Life! Bring a pen and some paper to maximize your experience!

Meet Kimberly:

Kimberly is passionate about helping people who are ready for personal freedom! She teaches about the “Awakening Process” then guides them in to the journey of “Healing” on a Soul level. She also coaches people on how to define their “Dreams” and make them a Reality. Kimberly is also a writer and contributor at Spiritual Biz Magazine and is known as the Intuitive “Dear Abby” in the Spiritual community. She has people sending her questions from all over the globe, the topics range from Personal, Business to Spiritual. Website info :

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