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Aromatherapy Lifestyle

Aromatherapy Lifestyle

Aromatherapy Lifestyle; Practicing Safely and Effectively With Essential Oils

Teacher: Ami Sarasvati

Cost: $65

This class takes place in September 15th, from 1 to 6pm

This class will empower you to understand the practice of aromatherapy. A manual is given to each student along with datasheets of oils covered in the class. A group project will be facilitated and you will go home with your first blend! Contents of this class includes:

§ Storing Essential Oils and Blends

§ Shelf Lives of Oils and Blends

§ The Quality of Your Oils and GC/MS Reports

§ Essential Oils are Highly Concentrated Plant Substances

§ Diluting Essential Oils for Topical Blends

§ Buzzwords for Beginners

§ Essential Oil Safety

§ Aromatherapy Book List

§ Aromatherapy Resources

§ Get to Know Your Manual Activity

§ Datasheets

Meet Ami:

Ami Sarasvati is a certified aromatherapist trained by Wisdom of the Earth, New York Institute of Aromatics, Aromahead, The Tisserand Institute, and Shining Sun Aromatherapy. She was the aromatherapist who helped establish the aromatherapy program at Concord Hospital.

Her vision for educating people using essential oils is to help create a healer in every family.

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