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An Afternoon With Spirit

An Afternoon With Spirit


Ed Salman

Raylene Sousa

Julie Ann Thompson

Dianne Hall Rockwell

Judith Ann

Gretchen Meisner

Cost: $35

This special event‘s next scheduled dates are September 16th at 2pm and November 18th at 12:30pm.

Please join us for an afternoon of evidential messages from Spirit, demonstrating the continuity of life for those present, as delivered through a panel of six visiting professional mediums from New Hampshire and Massachusetts. While all audience members may not receive a direct message, all will feel the love of the spirit world as it connects and touches in with those who do. These mediums have studied together and individually for many years and all have different specialties of expertise including those in healing, business, and the psychic arts. It is beautiful to watch them work together and connect on behalf of all with the power of spirit. 

Seating is limited and advanced registration is highly recommended.

Meet Dianne:

A lifelong intuitive and psychic, Dianne was gifted with a spiritual experience years ago in which she was gifted with a glimpse of the immense beauty that awaits us at our true Home, on the other side of this physical life. Shortly afterward, she discovered that she was able to receive messages from those in spirit, an ability to see, hear and feel their presence. Further blessed to have studied with some of the most respected mediums from the U.S. and England, Dianne is honored to be able to serve spirit, and considers it a sacred contract acting as a switchboard operator between worlds- proving that they are not gone- they are just in a different room.

Meet Ed:

Ed is an empathic psychic medium and healer who believes that every connection to the spirit world is a true miracle. His belief is that we are all eternal spirits and as we depart from this world our journey continues on. Let there be no doubt that your loved ones are always with you and we never really die. Ed truly believes that we are all one. He has studied with many masters and has been in numerous mentoring programs to fine-tune his skills. He has studied under tutors from the Arthur Findlay college of England UK (University of Mediumship) and prominent teachers throughout the United States.

Meet Gretchen:

Gretchen Meisner is a life-long medium. She is a certified psychic, medium, and healer. She offers private appointments and teaches mediumship in Salem, Derry, and Nashua, NH. Her greatest joy is to reconnect Spirit loved ones with those still here on Earth. Namaste

Meet Judith Anne:

Judith Anne is a natural born psychic medium who has been reading professionally since 2003. She has studied with world renowned teachers from the U.S., England and Scotland. In 2017 she studied advanced mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College in England. Her credentials include being a Certified Practitioner of the Pathway Prayer Process to access the Akashic Records and holding a Level Two Reiki Tummo Master Certification acquired from the International Institute for Inner Study. She also has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from University of Massachusetts.

Meet Julie Ann:

Julie Ann is an intuitive medium, Reiki master, oracle angel and tarot card reader and paranormal investigator. Julie Ann has studied with many prominent teachers in the field such as John Holland, Janet Nohavek, Colin Bates, and Stella Upton, as well as at the Arthur Findlay college in Stanstead, England, and the Temple of Witchcraft in Salem, NH. Julie Ann enjoys using her gifts from Spirit along with her master’s degree in mental health counseling to help others along their life path. Julie Ann considers it a sacred honor to be a vessel for Spirit. Love to all~~~

 Meet Raylene:

RAYLENE SOUSA is a Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Psychic, Ordained Minister and Reiki Practitioner. Spiritually guided by light, love and integrity, Raylene's compassion and love of humanity enhance her abilities as a Conduit for Spirit. Raylene's desire is to help others experience the healing power of mediumship. Her hope is that the messages communicated between Spirit both sides of life’s veil, gift peace in the knowing that life, like love, never ends.

Raylene studies with respected teachers from New England and the UK. Raylene offers in-person sessions at her office in Rollinsford, NH as well as Skype & phone sessions. Raylene is also available for private mediumship galleries/groups as well as public events. To learn more about Raylene please visit:

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