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Herbal Allies For A Joyful Postpartum

Herbal Allies For A Joyful Postpartum

Teacher: Krystina Friedlander

Cost: $30

This class takes place on September 2nd from 2:30 to 4:30pm

The first three months of the postpartum is a wild ride: our bodies are recovering from pregnancy and birth, we’re feeding our babies, adapting to little sleep and just generally experiencing “the new normal” of having a baby, whether the first or fifth! Join midwife and herbalist Krystina Friedlander as we explore the “fourth trimester” drawing on traditional medicinal ways of understanding postpartum recovery, and herbs and foods that promote healing, rest, and recovery. These will include herbs to address healing tissues, food and herbs to balance hormones and lactation, herbs to comfort and calm, and more.

Meet Krystina:

Krystina Friedlander is a midwife, birth doula, passionate herbalist and mama. She completed her midwifery education through the National Midwifery Institute and the Concord Birth Center, and her herbalism training at the Boston School of Herbal Studies. She regularly uses a wide array of herbs and spices to care for her family, friends, and clients, and enjoys teaching her four year old how to identify medicinal plants. Her website and blog is available at, and you’ll find all sorts of her obsessions and resources at

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