Healing With Sound: One Tone At A Time

Hey hey, family! What a beautiful week we're having as Autumn continues to reveal herself to us. If you aren't familiar with the work that we do here at the Guild, I think this next blog post will be helpful in understanding what our definition of wellness means. Dr. Carlos Perez has been instrumental in helping guide our philosophy as well as our programming here and we're honored to offer you this blog post he provided.

 Dr. Perez sending out healing energies.

Dr. Perez sending out healing energies.

Healing With Sound: One Tone at a Time.

By Carlos A. Perez, DC, RMT
Owner of Back In Motion, PLLC.

The power of sound is everywhere you look, or listen (technically speaking). Whether it’s the sound of a child laughing, or the sound of a bird singing, there are sounds all around us that can immediately shift our internal and external world in one direction or another. Case and point, earlier today, I had the not-so-pleasant experience of setting off the fire alarms at my office space after lighting some Palo Santo incense resin to help create a calming scent around the space before seeing clients. Little did I know that I would be triggering the smoke detectors and setting off the alarms to all of the buildings that are part of the Smokestack Center which sent everyone who was in class or in session out of the building (sorry folks, my bad).

In any event, I was immediately noticing the effects of that high pitched and high amplitude sound had on my heart rate, my breathing patterns, my chaotic thought patterns, and more. Before I knew it, I was walking around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to control the situation and bring peace to an otherwise non-peaceful state. The moment the firefighters left after assessing the situation, I was drawn to go into my space and play my crystal singing bowl. It took less than 10 seconds before I felt a complete 180 degree shift and noticed my body and mind start to relax and feel centered. This was exactly what I needed before seeing my first client so I could start my day feeling grounded, centered, and balanced. Just like that, in a matter of just a few minutes, I was able to experience for myself the healing power of sound, one tone at a time.

Sound healing has been around for tens of thousands of years and in recent years it has been making a comeback and more practitioners are starting to find their sound and bring their form of sound healing into their practice. A few years ago, I started to explore sound therapy and see how I could infuse it into my Holistic Chiropractic practice. Little did I know that 4 years later I would be offering sound therapy healing sessions with my private clients as well as leading group sound meditations twice per month at The River Guild in Concord, NH. Sound healing is a fun and simple way to bring balance into your body and into your life. The first thing I say to everyone when they ask me how sound healing works, is that we are very much like instruments that can go in and out of tune depending on the many circumstances and experiences that shape our life. Within seconds to minutes of listening to certain tones, a person can feel an almost immediate sense of calmness, balance and grounding which then enables us to be more stabile and anchored in a sometimes unstable and turbulent world. In other words, we are all unique instruments that can sometimes go out of tune and we can all bring ourselves back into balance and be in tune with the use of sound healing.

Using tones in the form of singing bowls, drums, tuning forks, didgeridoos, or even chanting can bring a greater sense of wholeness to the individual which then allows them to take the steps needed to bring balance into their world. After all, the world outside of you is in part a reflection of the world within you and rather than going into our headspace, we can go into our hearts and create a heart-centered state of balance and coherence which gives us the freedom of navigating with out world with ease and grace.

Healing tones can be accessed from our phones, tablets, laptops, pc’s or even CD’s which you can find for a variety of conditions and needs like sleep imbalance, chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, depression and more. The intelligence of our body can always configure the way sound travels through our body to correct the imbalances, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. My advice to clients and to those that come to my sound healing meditations are to find your sound. Find the tones that speak to you and connect with them as often as you would like and notice what is different afterwards. For some, the effects are more noticeable with one from of tones like those created by didgeridoos. For others, it can be a series of Solfeggio tones. The beauty of sacred sounds is that there are an abundance of tones that will help you and they are waiting to be discovered. So go right ahead and see which tones can help bring balance into your body, mind and spirit.

However, if you would like to experience a first-hand experience with sound healing, you can come to any of my sound meditations or drop by for a one-on-one visit so you can create the healing you need for yourself, one tone at a time.

For more information, you can visit www.backinmotionpllc.com or visit the calendar of sound meditations at www.theriverguild.com. Let the sounds set you free!