When Mindfullness Isn't Enough

Hey, fam!! It's about time we got back on the blogging bandwagon. I've put out an all points bulletin to the amazing practitioners we have in our midst and I asked them to give me the run down on the super powers they make available to the community here at The River Guild. There is so much to love and so many ways to find true wellness. Today's installment comes from a new member of our group, April Adams. I'll let her explain everything:

 April Adams is the woman to turn to when you need to get to the root of the issue.

April Adams is the woman to turn to when you need to get to the root of the issue.

When Mindfulness Isn't Enough

By April Adams

At this point, most people have been introduced to the benefits of mindfulness. If you’ve tried it, you’ve likely seen some improvement when you stick with it.

The problem with mindfulness is that it takes massive persistence and force of will, and even then you don’t always see the changes or improvements you were hoping for until much later, if at all.

Don’t get me wrong. There are definite benefits to any mindfulness practice, but they can feel like an endless hamster wheel unless you address the subconscious mind.

The subconscious stores memories, connects events, outcomes and feelings, creates its very own version of the world and tries to keep us safe- emotionally and physically- based on it’s past knowledge of the world.

If we have experienced something, or were convinced of something at a very young age, the subconscious- which is as literal as a four year old- will believe those things above all else.

That means you’re fighting an uphill battle with positive intentions, affirmations, mantras, etc UNLESS you address the subconscious feelings and beliefs around whatever you are working on improving.

Let’s say you’ve decided to exercise and eat right. On a conscious level you understand why that is the best possible thing to do for your health. But if your subconscious believes something else- such as your weight protects you from something- then you will be forever at odds with yourself and you’ll have a belly full of chocolate cake before you know it. You’ll be yo-yoing through every diet you can find unless you convince your subconscious mind that it’s safe to be fit.

This isn’t just about diets- any fears, traumas, emotional wounds, worries, etc… have a major effect on how well and how quickly mindfulness can work.

There are various ways to deal with subconscious emotional wounds and programs: hypnosis, EFT, EMDR, and my tools which combine all of those methods and more to create fast permanent results, which you can then replicate for yourself again and again with anything that hold you back.

Once you have cleared something on a subconscious level, it will be far easier…or perhaps even unnecessary sometimes, to practice mindfulness. Imagine not having to talk yourself down from emotional responses any longer because you’ve healed them at their root.

Regardless of your goals or intentions, healing your subconscious perception of the world is the most effective and efficient way to get there.

About the author:

April Adams specializes in combining the power of the mind with the power of the spirit in order to create the best possible life. April is an Emotional Health Consultant, Author, PSTEC Advanced & Hypnosis Practitioner, Intuitive Life Coach, Meditation Trainer, and Marconic Level III Practitioner. She is the creator of The Essence Healing System and the author of the books “Essence: Ending Emptiness, Finding Fulfillment”,  “Less Logic More Wisdom: Surviving The Shift With Your Sanity Intact”. Her newest release is a workbook entitled “Crack The Longing Code.”