Your weekly tarot from Embodied Home!

Welcome to your Tarot Tuesday forecast for the week of 6 March, 2018 by Megan Alexander of Embodied Home (


0306 tarot.jpg
  • Where are we? Seven of Wands 
  • What is underneath / informing where we are? Daughter of Swords 
  • What are we learning? Eight of Stones

If you recall, Seven of Wands showed up for us last week, but today we have received it directly instead of reversed. This is not evidence of a backslide, dear reader, since it is informed by a most welcome Daughter of Swords. The feeling I get is that of having had an affirming experience, one that has set us up to freely accept the invitation of Seven of Wands: to examine what is true/real vs. what our creative (if not misinformed) minds might imagine is true/real in the absence of concrete proof.

When we examine our circumstances through this lens, it would serve us well to remember that what is true/real reveals itself in a multitude of ways, ranging from tangible to spiritual and any and all combinations thereof. Acknowledging this totality of experience allows us to walk on our current path holistically. It's the key to being able to discern what action would be wisest as we move at an intelligent pace, which of course is different for each of us at any given moment. 

In trusting and taking action in this manner, we are given the opportunity to be affirmed again, this time of something we may only be aware of intellectually at this time: that our own truth can not be given to us or defined by someone else. So, we are invited to get quiet and still enough to Know what is next, and to take the step, no matter how small it may seem. This step, even if imperceptible by others, taken with confidence and self assurance is deeply powerful. It's more powerful than any action motivated by a "should." As we continue on, each step building upon the last, we can be liberated from the adage that slow and steady wins the race, as when we embody our truth we remember that there is no race to win.

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