Tarot Tuesday collective reading by Megan Alexander


Welcome to the Tarot Tuesday collective reading for the week of April 24 by Megan Alexander of Embodied Home 

tarot 0424.jpeg


  • What are we moving through? Two of Pentacles (reversed)
  • What is the undercurrent? Eight of Wands (reversed) 
  • What are we learning? Five of Cups 

Last week I wrote about an opportunity or circumstance coming back to us in an elevated form, ready for us to receive it from an elevated place within. Practically speaking, we're meant to be looking out for the work we have left to do to reach that elevated place to be illuminated.

What we're reminded this week is that even though we are cognizant of this arrival and our work to prepare to fully receive it, there is much to this turn in our spiral that we are not able to perceive. We're asked to trust, wait, watch, and listen for the proper action and timing of action to be communicated to us. This is not easy to do, especially in the scenario when we're tuned in and ready, seeing more of the big picture and our role in it. We may find ourselves frustrated and impatient, or reluctant to actually make the changes we know would serve us wholeheartedly, thinking perhaps simply being aware of them might be enough to communicate that we're ready to receive. 

While trusting, waiting, watching, and listening are paramount when it comes to the balance between what we bring to life and what life brings to us, the piece we might forget is the power of the quality of our communication to that which moves the spiral. Moving through this process of identifying the work ahead of us and carrying out that work with more aligned energy is what is waiting to be received from us.  

As we inquire around where and who we have been previously, mining for the beautiful jewels of experience to carry with us as we shed the shame, pain, etc, it's very easy to get lost in imagining how we might have held on to the arrival I've been referencing the first time it came around, and how different our lives might have been if we had managed. But I will reiterate what I said last week, that this arrival wasn't meant for us given where we were at that time. We're learning to recognize the truth of this and implement a change in the way we carry out what needs to be done: working on our thoughts / actions / behaviors not as chastisement, but as a gift only we can give ourselves.


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