We visit with Peggy and offer some Tarot

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Next I need to apologize for being so late with the Embodied Home Tarot this week! Megan is amazingly talented and is available for private readings at the Guild!

Welcome to the Tarot Tuesday collective reading for the week of April 3 by Megan Alexander of Embodied Home 

tarot 0403.jpg


  • What are we moving through? Four of Wands (reversed)
  • What is the undercurrent? Two of Stones (reversed)
  • What are we learning? Father of Swords

Four of Wands and Two of Stones, both reversed, call on us to take a pause in spite of the impulse we feel to take off running with the deep, juicy instructions we've been receiving from Spirit fresh in our minds. It's possible that the circumstances for our work to flourish simply aren't in place yet, but more likely we need to take a closer look at what we ourselves must let go of.

There is a weight or heaviness, some obligation or structure we're feeling we must impose upon this work. This has much to do with societal conditioning around what "work" is meant to be. Here's the rub: soul work does not fit into any sort of container created by an outside entity. The way any individual's soul work weaves into their life is as unique as they are.

The call to action is to focus on the joyful and nourishing aspects of what you are feeling called to do and take the action that makes sense to you to embody them. If there is worry, doubt, or a slew of "shoulds" in your consideration, take the time to honor where those are coming from. Trust and be open to the ways your soul work will weave its way into your life as you let go of the "shoulds."

This action is in service to Father of Swords, who illuminates our lesson. We're being asked to chart our own course manner so that our message / work will be of the highest benefit for those who are meant to receive it: we can inspire others to find their own way by first doing so ourselves.


Thanks for reading! Megan is available for individual readings in person at The River Guild and over distance. To check her availability and book an appointment please visit embodiedhome.as.me