Tarot Tuesday collective reading for the week of May 1st, By Megan Alexander

Welcome to the Tarot Tuesday collective reading for the week of May 1 by Megan Alexander of Embodied Home 


  • What are we moving through? Son of Swords (reversed)
  • What is the undercurrent? Six of Cups
  • What are we learning? Five of Wands 

After a rush of creativity and good work after liberation from over thinking, we're approaching a point where we must admit that our flow feels like it is running a bit dry. It's not that we've lost our way or are lacking inspiration, but rather that moving with a charging pace, while thrilling, sooner or later gets us a bit ahead of ourselves. The time has come to pause and recenter, to tune back in to subtle communications: synchronicity, gut feelings, dreams, birdsong, animals who cross your path, insects that drop in for a visit on your sleeve, etc.

Our activity in the pause is to tone our subtle communication skills, because Spirit / God / Creator / Source / Divine / The Universe, etc can't communicate with us like another human might. We can begin or resume this by paying attention to things that feel meaningful, responding in the way we feel called, then listening again, and responding again, and so on until we experience meaningful shifts in our lives. We are at our most effective, our happiest, our most content when we are listening and responding appropriately to the cues and instructions we receive.

Overall, we're being reminded that we all have a connection to feel and a contribution to bring to the web of life. The deeper we tune in to ourselves, the deeper we tune in to every other living being. We realize our immense capacity to help and heal, and to wound and destroy. As we dissolve the perceived separation between ourselves and literally everyone else, even people we despise, we open ourselves up to feel much more deeply, "negative" emotions included. I prefer to refer to them as messy instead. When we're available to really see and feel the messy stuff, it provokes a proportionally messy response. We're learning to calibrate our instruments, to understand how we can participate in the creation of our own lives and futures so that in times to come, we'll be ready and able to participate in the creation of the larger future. Our own quiet, internal revolution is the first step on the way to the liberation of all.


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