Tarot Tuesday collective reading for the week of May 8th by Megan Alexander

Welcome to the Tarot Tuesday collective reading for the week of May 8 by Megan Alexander of Embodied Home 

tarot 0501.JPG


  • What are we moving through? Son of Cups (reversed)
  • What is the undercurrent? Five of Swords
  • What are we learning? Ten of Swords (reversed) 

It's clear to me from these cards I have pulled that we are collectively moving through a time of contraction.  Contraction precedes and is necessary for growth / birth / transformation, of course that doesn't make it sting any less. What does make it sting less is the awareness that if we are willing to commit to being present for all of it, it will teach us a completely new way to move through the world.

We're invited this week to pay attention to the ways we might be able to heal from something we have done that is actively preventing us from moving with ease and grace. We're asked to confront a decision that seemed like the best idea at the time or perhaps we made against our inner knowing. In either case, we're either very well aware of it and have been living with the consequences or they're just starting to show up.

Whether this knowledge is old or new, we're asked to invoke the power of hindsight, which in this instance serves as a time machine. We can't go back and unmake our decision or change our actions, but we can take responsibility for what we can now see clearly. As we reflect on what we might have done differently knowing what we know now, it's important to beware the pit of "if only I had...." or "why didn't I..." etc. The point of this reflection is to discover how we might correct our course, not to feel shame for veering off in the first place.

As we begin this course correction, we may find the need to have uncomfortable conversations, make some big choices, etc. We can find solace in remembering that any pain or upset is temporary, and that eventually it will become potent medicine for who we are becoming. As we move through more cycles of growth and transformation in the future and encounter similar circumstances, we will find ourselves wise and seasoned having survived it all before.


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