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The River Guild hosts workshops provided by external providers and individuals. We're always looking for more workshops and leaders, so contact us today if you would like to use our space for your next workshop!

New Life Vision: Jan. 14th @ 10:30am

Caregiver Yoga: Jan. 20th @ noon

Yoga Workshop For Caregivers

Teacher: Megan Alexander

Cost: $75

Taking care of a loved one who is unable to care for themselves autonomously is a pure expression of the power of love. It often takes tremendous amounts of physical and mental energy to meet their needs, and it is vital for all who provide care to integrate time and space to replenish this energy proactively to stay well and balanced.

Because they are so prevalent, it is a common misconception that group classes are the only way to practice yoga. Being a caregiver comes along with schedule restraints, energetic demands, and physical and emotional discomfort, all of which can make finding an appropriate and effective group class a challenge. This is where I intend to fill the gap: to provide caregivers with safe, simple, self-guided practices they can lean into when they have time, wherever they are, with no need to travel or set aside a large block of time.

In our time together during this workshop, we will explore four practices that address a variety of common needs of caregivers. After physically experiencing each practice, we'll take time to discuss any reflections or questions you have. You will be provided a detailed paper copy of all the practices we explore to take home. These practices will be short enough to memorize after a time so that you may integrate them into your daily routine as you see fit.

We will experience a practice for cultivating energy as you begin your day, for winding down and settling into more restful sleep, and two for taking quick breaks whenever you might have time during your day. It is important to note that these practices will be very general, so as to be useful to as many people as possible in our group setting. I will cover how we can work together individually at the end of our workshop should you be interested in addressing your specific needs with a tailor made practice.

Meet Megan:

Megan is a 700-hour certified yoga teacher who has been teaching since 2008. Her specialty is working individually with students to guide them on their own lifelong path of healing through daily practice. Megan is an empath, intuitive, and a lifelong student of all this world has to teach, she cannot wait to dive deeply with you if you feel a YES in your heart.


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