Upcoming Workshops

The River Guild hosts workshops provided by external providers and individuals. We're always looking for more workshops and leaders, so contact us today if you would like to use our space for your next workshop!

We Are The Luckiest: June 3rd at 11am

Cultivating The Self: June 24th at 9am

Feng Shui Guided Home: June 16th at 1pm

We Are The Luckiest, a conversation with Laura McKowen

Teacher: Laura McKowen

Cost: $45

September 16th, 2018 from 11am to 12:30pm: 45 minute talk, 30 minute Q&A, 15 minute group meditation.

What happens when life deals us a card we do not want? When we are faced with circumstances or loss that seem too much to bear? In this talk, Laura sheds light on how our most difficult experiences can be portals to more light, love, and more softness toward the world. She will share her own candid story of addiction, recovery, motherhood, divorce, and answer your questions. Through connection and transparency we can heal one another and reclaim our personal power.

Meet Laura:

Laura is a mama, writer, teacher, speaker, and one of the foremost voices in addiction recovery. She writes an internationally recognized, award-winning blog at LauraMcKowen.com and was the co-host of HOME podcast and currently co-hosts Spiritualish, a show that gives an irreverent take on self-help.

Laura is the founder of The Bigger Yes, a course devoted to helping people find their soul’s callings, and We Are The Luckiest, a program for thriving in sobriety. She travels the country teaching sell-out workshops and retreats.

Laura’s work has been featured in the NY Post, Huffington Post, TODAY with Megyn Kelly, and more. She lives with her daughter on the north shore of Boston and is currently writing her first book, a memoir.

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Feng Shui Guided Home

Teacher: Lana Jo Manning

Cost: $60 pre-registration, $65 at the door

In this class we assist you in developing a relationship with your living space or home. Our goal is to give you an introduction of Black Hat Feng Shui and its history and application. With these skills you will be able to:

Learn how to sketch a floor plan

Learn how to utilize the Bagua Map

Identify one or more life aspect areas to address during this workshop

This harmonic interaction brings prosperity to those who live within its space.

Meet Lana:

I began my journey in the study of Feng Shui (1996) as a way to better understand my sensitivity to homes and their surroundings. In addition I completed the Feng Shui Practitioner Training program at Feng Shui Arizona in 2006 and the Center for Feng Shui based in New Hampshire in 2015.

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