house after a calamity

Living in an Earthquake Zone: Are You Doomed?

In 2014, a 5.8-magnitude earthquake hit Virginia, resulting in damaged monuments including the National Cathedral of Washington, D.C. It was neither the most recent nor the strongest quake in the U.S., but it prompted the development of a new earthquake

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Signs Your House is In Need of Repair

Basements are invaluable assets for most homeowners. They can serve as a laundry area, an extra leisure space for the family, or storage area. You can use your basement for several other things after finishing it using unique design ideas

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garage exterior

Men, Make the Garage Your Turf

Barely will the women in a man’s life (may it be your wife, mother, or sister) will want your hands on the interior designing of a home. For some women, that’s their turf. And don’t even think about trying to

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kids smiling

Building a Den with Your Kids: What to Know

Den building is a fun and rewarding activity for all ages. You can do the project any time of the year, anywhere, whether it’s at your aging parents receiving hospice care services at home or the local camping area They

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tiny home living

Tiny Home Living: 4 Things You Need to Know

So you’ve decided to buy a tiny home. Many people spend up to half of their income on rent or a mortgage, so it’s no surprise that today’s homes are smaller and more budget-oriented. Whether you’re living solo or with

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father and child

A Father’s Job: 4 Main Responsibilities of the Parent

There is nothing more exciting than starting a family with your partner. There are a lot of responsibilities when you become a parent. You are responsible for the child’s welfare, safety, health, and education. They are crucial things that a person

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