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Want to Be Productive This Summer? Update Your House

When people think of summer, the ideas that come to mind are the beach, road trips and international vacations. Summer, however, is also the perfect season to begin sprucing up your house. From new surfaces to intricate accessories, you have

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Adding a Masculine Touch to Your Home

Whether you’re preparing a son’s room or want to give your living space a more masculine feel, there are plenty of small changes you can make and steps you can take without resorting to a comprehensive overhaul or renovation. You

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Cleaning Up the Mess in Your Living Room

Living rooms experience a lot of traffic and movements as they are commonly used in any household. Therefore, the living rooms quickly become dirty and cluttered because of the numerous activities that happen. When you are surrounded by clutter, it

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Remodelling Your Home to Fit Your Work-at-home Lifestyle

Last year, many companies implemented a work-at-home policy to protect their employees without sacrificing business operations. Back then, it was considered a desperate move and won’t last as long. However, today, many businesses benefit from these policies, and experts believe

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Common Treehouse-Building Mistakes to Avoid

Most of us fantasized about living in a treehouse as kids. So why did we stop thinking about it when we grew up? Unlike what society makes us believe, loving treehouses don’t make us childish. Building a treehouse is a

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