woman blowing her nose

The Real Score on Mucus and Phlegm: Vital Health Indicators?

People everywhere experience runny noses, postnasal drip, and clogged noses. But many still don’t understand what mucus and phlegm are and why they present themselves when they do. Allergies, the cold, respiratory infections, sinus infections, smoking, and various environmental factors

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parents and their children going for a biking

Here Is How to Raise Healthy Children

Bringing up kids is without a doubt one of the most challenging tasks. Every parent looks forward to raising strong and healthy children. To be successful in the endeavor, you need to be intentional on the habits you cultivate for

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Doctors doing surgery

Improving Your Skills as a Surgeon

Surgeons are always being pressured to do their best. That is understandable since their job often involves the life or death of a patient. This requires you to stay sharp when it comes to your skills. There are several things

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tooth decay of a child

Effects of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is among the leading dental issues. One of the most overlooked forms of tooth decay in children is baby bottle tooth decay. This refers to dental cavities that affect your baby’s milk teeth. It is caused by the

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close up picture of malunggay leaves

MORE-inga: Adding Malunggay to Your Daily Life

Long before modern science, people in the Philippines busied themselves among farms and gardens. They relied on these natural resources for food, livelihood, and medicine. You read that right, medicine. Plants have proven to have multiple benefits outside of becoming

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